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Spa-program for facial care “Instant transformation”

Spa-program for facial care “Instant transformation”

Price: 115.00 BYN

Spa-program for facial care “Instant transformation” is a Thai ceremony for face and décolleté care with cream and herbal bags. The program is a complex of procedures that improve the overall skin condition.

Stages of spa-care “Instant transformation”:

- Skin surface is cleaned of dust, dirt and makeup.
- Face pilling with gentle scrub
- Facial massage aimed at removal of facial muscle tension, improvement of skin smoothness
- Moisturizing mask that revitalizes skin, reduces wrinkles and prevents their appearance.
- The procedure of skin cleansing and moisturizing is followed by spa-facial massage with herbal bags.

After steaming, inflorescence of more than 20 herbs packed in special pouches, is applied to the acupressure points on the face. This unique Thai treatment with hot herbal pouches provides surprising and therapeutic effect! Massage with herbal compresses is created for especially sensitive skin, ideal for face and neck care.

Procedure effect: spa-program as a whole has healing effect by stimulating metabolism. It improves blood circulation, increases muscle tone, gives elasticity to skin. During the procedure you bliss incredibly and enjoy satin delight after.

At the end of the ceremony you are welcome to enjoy fragrant tea and oriental sweets.