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Thai SLIM-ceremony

Thai SLIM-ceremony

Additional services:
Price: 70.00 BYN

Thai SLIM-ceremony is a thorough and strong working-through of problem areas and soft tissues, with the use of special oils and creams, effect on cellulite by increasing blood circulation in problem areas.

During the ceremony, the problem areas and soft tissues get intense pressure, which is equivalent to strength training. The main methods of slim-ceremony – strong hand slaps on the problem areas, which allow to activate metabolic processes in tissues, improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage (the withdrawal of excess liquid). Slim course will allow you to lose weight, get rid of sagging skin and improve body contours.

The result of Thai slim-ceremony will not take long. By stimulating blood circulation, edema goes away, the output of fluid amplifies, and skin becomes smoother in problem areas. After a course of slim-ceremonies appetite decreases and deposition of fat in the future becomes less.

Slim-ceremony as agreed with the guest can be either general (work with the whole body) and local, when a specialist focuses on correcting the particular problem area: thighs, stomach, legs, arms.

For better results we recommend to attend slim-ceremony with three-days interval between the procedures: 30 minutes - 12-15 sessions / 60 minutes - 8-10 sessions / 90 minutes - 5-7 sessions. Also, in order to achieve results at the earliest, it is recommended to combine slim- ceremonies with dieting and physical activity.