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Spa-ceremony "Thai Secret"

Spa-ceremony "Thai Secret"

Additional services:
Price: 105.00 BYN

Spa-ceremony "Thai Secret» includes facial (30 minutes) and head (20 minutes) massage. This is the ancient method of skin rejuvenation, which keeps it in a good shape and maintains beauty. This is a pleasant and useful procedure, the main task of which is to restore the body's energy. Almost all energy channels related to vital organs are located on head, neck and face, so during the ceremony master’s hands works the whole body through. “Thai Secret” is the best way to relieve headaches, migraines, stress, to normalize cerebral blood flow and regulate blood pressure.

Spa-ceremony “Thai Secret” is a caress for soul, which will help to maintain the tone of skin, thereby maintaining youth! During the ceremony, master works neck, chin and cheeks, eye area, ears, nape and parietal region. Basic techniques - gentle circular movements of fingers, strong pressing of thumbs, stroking of forehead and nose. Spa-ceremony “Thai Secret” will revitalize and give energy, improve blood circulation and hair growth.

Regularly held procedures for face and head will help to forget about insomnia, chronic fatigue and unhealthy appearance. Tightened skin, blooming appearance, absence of wrinkles and mental clarity – this is what composes the unforgettable Thai ceremony “Thai Secret”!

 “Thai Secret” will lift you to the seventh heaven of delight!