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Spa-ceremony for facial care “Radiance of youth”

Spa-ceremony for facial care “Radiance of youth”

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Price: 90.00 BYN

It's no accident that spa-ceremony for facial care is called “Radiance of youth”. It is held by the original Thai technology and is based solely on the Asian philosophy of spa-care and relaxation.

Spa-ceremony for facial care “Radiance of youth” is performed by special movements designed to restore skin tone and return its natural elasticity. Moving around special biological lines and points, specialist generates correct and clear facial contour, eliminates the already appeared or only incipient wrinkles and at the same time relaxes tense muscles. Each movement brings you closer to young and healthy appearance, smooth complexion and toned skin. Special attention is also paid to the neck, as this area is known to be the most susceptible to aging. Master pays attention to every point of your face, working on the elimination of specific wrinkles and recovery of the overall skin tone.

Spa-ceremony for facial care “Radiance of youth”: suitable for all skin types; does not cause allergies or other negative consequences; suitable for people of any age and sex, regardless of their health status.