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Royal Thai ceremony with herbal pouches

Royal Thai ceremony with herbal pouches

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The ceremony with hot herbal bags is one of the oldest Thai procedures, based on the soft impact of heat coupled with elements of aromatherapy, acupressure, muscular and connective tissue massage.

Custom-made fabric bags with long handle are filled with the composition of crushed herbs, leaves, roots, Camphor, sea salt and are steamed in a water bath. Master warms up the body, thereby saturating the skin with nutrients. This ceremony is recommended as a tonic and restorative agent. Multiple variants of herbal ingredients solve various problems - from relaxation to the increase of male power.

The ceremony is particularly indicated for insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, cramps and stress, chronic and acute pain in muscles, fluid retention in the tissues, intoxication, physical inactivity, sedentary lifestyle, warming tissues before massage, manual therapy.

Result: ceremony helps to warm up muscles and joints, which increases their flexibility. The smell of the herbal composition provides aromatherapy effect. Organs and tissues are better saturated with oxygen, metabolism speeds up. In addition, strained muscles relax, metabolic substances and toxins are derived from the body.

During the ceremony, you completely cast cares aside and get a charge of positive emotions!