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Royal Oil-ceremony for 4 hands with aroma oils

Royal Oil-ceremony for 4 hands with aroma oils

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Price: 250.00 BYN

“Royal oil-ceremony for 4 hands» with the use of aroma oils” remains a cherry on the cake of the art of Thai massage, which is known to only a few of its devotees. Two masters work on the body, create an incomparable energy effect. Under the influence of their coherence, your consciousness blurs the difference in the perception of a single master. Everything that you know and feel at that moment is truly unimaginable bliss of the process!

Our body has symmetry and specularity. On the left and right parts of the body we have energy bands and acupuncture points. In the “traditional Thai oil-ceremony” master has an ability to work with each part in turn. Simultaneous impact of masters’ hands on these centers greatly increases relaxation effect and healing result!

The ceremony helps to get rid of fatigue. Warm aroma oils relax muscles and soften skin. Their amazing flavors will not leave a trace of stress and anxiety! Due to intense work of 4 hands, you will quickly return your tone and well-being.

The ceremony has soothing and regenerating effect on the nervous system. It brings the feeling of psychological comfort. Special grinding technique relieves muscle tension. It helps to reach the highest point of relaxation and even to fall asleep during the procedure!