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Nuad Thai - traditional thai ceremony

Nuad Thai - traditional thai ceremony

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«Nuad Thai» is the most famous and oldest traditional Thai ceremony, which is already more than 2000 years old.

«Nuad Thai ceremony» is aimed at bringing your body into a state of equilibrium, deep relaxation and intensive surge of energy.

The traditional Thai ceremony is held on a special mate in a cotton suit. During the procedure a guest has passive role, while the master gently pushes, twists and stretches the body, using thumbs, palms and the surface of their base, the outer parts of wrists, elbows, forearms, knees and feet.

Specialist begins massage with relaxing pressure on particular points of feet, responsible for overall body relaxation. Smooth, deep and gentle movements are committed at the single pace. The energy activity of the brain gradually changes, that places it in a slower mode. The condition that occurs during the procedure awakens more positive outlook on life.

Master of Thai ceremonies feel all deeply hidden muscle clamps and explores such zones more closely, stretching a tense place. Master moves from feet to head. By the time the master moves to the upper body, shoulders, neck and head have already become sufficiently relaxed to get the healing touch of the procedure with the greatest benefit!

The main advantages of visiting the ceremony: a feeling of fullness with fresh energy; deep relaxation from heels to crown; complete muscle relaxation; stress relief; increase in joints flexibility; improvement of blood circulation in the body; mild stimulation of inner human systems; reduction of pain of various origins; muscle clamp removal.

Traditional Thai ceremony is considered to be one of the best techniques for relaxation, as carried out only once, it can be compared with a three-day holiday on natural resort!