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Nuad Nam Mun - traditional thai oil-ceremony with aroma oils

Nuad Nam Mun - traditional thai oil-ceremony with aroma oils

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«Nuad Nam Mun» is a charming mix of muscle act, soft manual therapy and extraordinary tenderness of mater’s hands.

During the traditional Thai Oil-ceremony master gently and thoroughly works the body from toes to  crown. It improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Skillful influence on reflex zones restores the free flow of energy throughout the body; the skin becomes soft, fragrant. Aroma oils give it elasticity, nourish, moisturize and tone.

«Nuad Nam Mun» is a very effective way of relaxation for those who experience constant stress, suffer from nervous system disorders, and at the same time is sensitive to stretching, used in traditional Thai ceremony.

Despite its softness, Oil-ceremony works well on different levels - physical, energetic, emotional. Soft impact of oil effectively relieves stress and removes pain in muscles, skin becomes elastic. It soothes and restores the nervous system as a whole.

Oil-ceremony is a powerful stimulating, tonic, cleansing and rejuvenating procedure. The ceremony slows and corrects aging process, normalizes sleep, skin metabolic processes and work of all internal organs. Oil-ceremony eliminates congestion in the body and even makes eyesight better.

During the session, you recover from short-term problems, get a charge of positive emotions. The result is obvious - deep relaxation, radiant and healthy skin and bright thoughts!