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Ceremony “Collar zone”

Ceremony “Collar zone”

Additional services:
Price: 80.00 BYN

The name of this ceremony speaks for itself. Specialist works directly head, face, neck, shoulders (collar zone), arms and upper back.

There are many indications for this ceremony, the main ones are: muscle strain caused by long-term presence in a sitting position; pain in the neck and upper back; cervical osteochondrosis; bad posture; lack of  hysical activity; fatigue, low efficiency; sleep disorders; diseases of the cardiovascular system; migraine

Result: the act on the neck and collar area allows getting rid of extra salt deposits and adhesions in the neck, shoulder blades and shoulders, headaches and back pain. After the ceremony brain blood circulation improves significantly, consequently, working efficiency increases, insomnia and irritation disappear.

 “Collar zone” ceremony will give you cheerfulness and will distract from worries!