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Сeremony with hot volcanic stones

Сeremony with hot volcanic stones

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Stone therapy or ceremony with hot stones is one of the oldest methods of relaxation and wellness with more than thousand-year history.

It is a delightful ceremony, caressing the body from head to toes! Stones, ground-born, polished with water, sun and wind, are natural source of energy. The healing power of volcanic stone has positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It normalizes blood pressure. Stones are beneficial to the nervous system. They relieve stress and fatigue, which is so important in our active rhythm of life. Specific energy of stones eliminates tension and stress, neutralizes negative energy which causes positive changes in the human energy field.

Thai technique differs from the more common American version. Only warm stones are used in the Thai tradition. Stone ceremony begins with feet, and then back, arms, chest and face are massaged. During the ceremony a specialist works with hands using aromatherapy oils and massages the whole body in a certain trajectory, using stones - large, medium or small.

For hot stone ceremony (stones temperature - 55 °C), we use volcanic basalt. It contains energy of the five elements: fire, water, air, earth and metal, and therefore is highly benefitial. Due to its porous structure, basalt cools slowly and generously shares its warmth and positive energy. Basalt has the ability to open energy channels and calm the mind.