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The contract offer

General Provisions

 1.1. This agreement (hereinafter referred to as the agreement) is public and defines:

1.1.1. the relationship between the private unitary enterprise "RoyalSpa", hereinafter referred to as the "seller (distributor)" and the person who provided the acceptance, hereinafter referred to as the "buyer (holder)";

1.1.2. the procedure for purchasing gift certificates and / or other similar documents from the seller (hereinafter - the gift certificate).

Basic definitions.

2.1. Gift certificate distributor - a seller (executor) selling a gift certificate, as well as another organization (individual entrepreneur) that implements (implements) a gift certificate on its own behalf on the basis of an agreement with a seller (executor) selling goods (performance of work, provision of services) by gift certificates.

2.2. Buyer - the person who purchased the certificate and paid for its face value.

2.3. Holder (consumer) - a person who presented a gift certificate for its sale.

2.4. Gift certificate - a document, including in electronic (digital) form or in another form available for use by the consumer, certifying the right of the person who presented such a document (persons, if such a document involves its use by several persons), to receive goods (performance of work, provision of a service) specified in such a document, and (or) to receive goods (performance of work, provision of services) in an amount equivalent to the amount of money specified in such a document.

2.5. The validity of a gift certificate is a period of time, set in days, months, years or until a certain date (day, month, year), during which the consumer is entitled to receive the goods (work, service) specified in the gift certificate, and (or) to receive goods (performance of work, provision of services) in an amount equivalent to the amount of money indicated in the gift certificate.

2.6. For the purposes of this agreement, the terms and their definitions are used in the meanings established by the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

Subject of the contract

3.1. The seller sells gift certificates, on the basis of which the buyer / holder has the right to receive services in the amount of his face value or a specific service specified in it, on the terms of this agreement and the internal regulation "On the circulation of RoyalSpa gift certificates".

3.2. The provider of the services specified in the gift certificate is the seller himself.

3.3. Gift certificates are not personalized, therefore they can be transferred to third parties (holders).

3.4. The gift certificate is valid for 3 (three) months.

Price and settlement procedure

4.1. Prices for gift certificates are presented on this website (www.royalthaispa.by)

4.2. The minimum face value of a gift certificate "for an amount in Belarusian rubles" is 60 (sixty) Belarusian rubles.

4.3. Payment for gift certificates is due in full (100%).

4.4. Gift electronic certificates can be paid using a bank card online

4.5. An electronic certificate purchased on the website (www.royalthaispa.by) cannot be replaced with a gift certificate in the package.

Rights and obligations of the parties

Obligations of the seller (performer).

5.1. The seller (executor) is obliged:

5.1.1. issue a gift certificate, which is a personalized form containing the name (name, address and contact details) of the organization providing services for it, the name of the service itself, the cost of the certificate, its validity period, and the date of purchase.

5.1.2. when selling a gift certificate without (outside) a trading facility (service facility) on the basis of information contained in advertisements placed in catalogs, brochures, booklets or other information sources, including the global computer network Internet, before the day of concluding a contract for the sale of the gift certificate information, with the exception of information about the number and date of sale of the gift certificate, is brought to the attention of the consumer in these information sources;

5.1.3 issue a document confirming payment for the gift certificate, which indicates information about its implementation;

5.1.4 transfer to the consumer of the gift certificate the goods (to perform work, provide services) specified in it;

5.1.5. issue a document confirming the fact of purchasing a product (service, work) when the consumer uses a gift certificate;

- to ensure the transfer of goods (services) to the consumer who presented the gift certificate during its validity period.


Seller (performer) rights.

5.2. The seller (executor) has the right:

5.2.1. if the holder of the gift certificate for the service is not more than 20 minutes late, reduce the service time by this number of minutes.

5.2.2. if the holder of the gift certificate is more than 20 minutes late, refuse to provide the service on that day;

5.2.3. not provide services for a gift certificate that has expired.

5.2.4. not to provide services under a certificate, the data of which (number, validity period, name of the service) cannot be identified;

5.2.5. not provide a service without presenting a gift certificate;

5.2.6. not to return the money paid for the gift certificate in the event of its damage, loss, theft, or its expiration.

5.2.7. refuse to restore gift certificates in cases of their loss, theft, damage that do not allow him to be identified, while not returning the money;

5.2.8. withhold from the consumer of the gift certificate actually incurred expenses in case of his refusal to fulfill this contract.

5.2.9. limit the validity of gift certificates on certain days within its validity period, if there is an order from the director.

Rights and obligations of the buyer (holder) of the gift certificate

5.3. The buyer (holder) is obliged:

5.3.1. get acquainted in full with the agreement and the provision on the terms of purchase and the rules for using gift certificates;

5.3.2. pay for the gift certificate in full;

5.3.3. at least 7 days before its implementation or expiration, contact the contractor and agree on the time for the provision of the gift certificate service. When making an appointment for a service, the Certificate Holder is obliged to inform the Spa Administrator of the following information: certificate number, validity period, name of the service, number of Guests.

5.3.4. arrive at the contractor to provide the service with a gift certificate at the appointed time without delay;

5.3.5. before starting the provision of the gift certificate service, SUBMIT THE PRINTED FORM OF THE ELECTRONIC CERTIFICATE to the authorized employee (administrator);

5.3.6. follow the rules for using gift certificates;

5.3.7. pay the difference if the total cost of the selected service exceeds the nominal value of the certificate.

Buyer (holder) rights.

5.4. The buyer (holder) has the right:

5.4.1. use the service specified in the gift certificate in full;

5.4.2. Purchase an electronic gift certificate on the website www.royalthaispa.by by making a payment by card.

5.4.3. to use promotions and discounts held by PUP “RoyalSpa”, if the Holders have gift certificates “in the amount in Belarusian rubles”, unless otherwise approved by the order of the enterprise for holding discounts and promotions.

Responsibility of the parties.

6.1. For non-fulfillment (improper fulfillment) of obligations under the contract, the parties are liable in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Force Majeure

7.1. The parties are exempt from liability for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations under the contract, if such was the result of force majeure circumstances, namely: war, natural disaster, fires, floods, earthquakes, strikes, riots and other social unrest, as well as the actions of the authorities that may affect the fulfillment of obligations under the contract.

7.2. Proof of the occurrence of force majeure circumstances is a certificate from the competent state body.

7.3. If the force majeure circumstances continue for more than 90 days, then each party has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.

The term of the contract, the procedure for its execution and termination

8.1 The term of the agreement is calculated from the date of acceptance of the acceptance by the buyer and is considered concluded. 

8.2. In case of an increase in prices for the service indicated in the gift certificate during its validity period, the contractor is obliged to provide this service without charging additional fees.

8.3. If a gift certificate is purchased for a certain denomination (amount), then the services for it are provided at prices in effect at the time of the sale of the gift certificate.

8.4. The obligations of the contractor (distributor) are considered fulfilled in full from the moment the gift certificate is fully sold by its holder.

8.5. After the seller fulfills his obligations under the contract, it is considered terminated, and the gift certificate can no longer be used;

8.6 The consumer has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the contract on the performance of the service under the gift certificate only if the contractor has actually paid the costs incurred.

Settlement of disputes

9.1 The parties will strive to resolve all possible disputes and disagreements that may arise under the contract or in connection with it, through negotiations. 

9.2. This agreement provides for a mandatory pre-trial dispute settlement procedure.

9.3. Disputes not settled through negotiations are referred to the court in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.


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