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Minsk st. Revolutionary 28


SPA etiquette

RoyalThaiSpa is a magical place that will take you to sunny Thailand without long and tiring flights. We closely monitor the atmosphere in our center and try to ensure that being in it brings you only pleasant emotions. Royal Thai Spa is a premium-class salon, we employ only Grand masters with at least 10 years of experience. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the start. You will have time to enjoy the atmosphere of an exotic Paradise.


At the first visit to the SPA-salon

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the list of possible contraindications for conducting Thai SPA programs and ceremonies before the start of the session.

Traditional Thai SPA rituals do not involve the use of creams and oils, so you will be offered a special cotton suit in which you will feel very comfortable during the session.

SPA aroma programs include the application of oils, scrubs, masks and balms directly to the body. Before the beginning of the rituals, you will be offered sets of disposable linen, towels, slippers and bathrobes.

During the ritual, your body releases water, so after the SPA program you will be offered delicious aromatic tea ..


Late for procedures / cancellation of visit:

Unfortunately, your delay can lead to a reduction in the procedure and reduce its effectiveness. Please note that we cannot make changes to the schedule of the Masters, as this may negatively affect the rest of other Guests of the spa, therefore the Administrator will shorten your spa program by the appropriate number of minutes of delay.

If at the appointed time for any reason you cannot come to the session, you can always postpone the appointment for a period convenient for you, however, we ask you to notify the Spa Administrator about this in advance (at least 2 days before the scheduled visit) ...

Peace and relaxation reign in the RoyalThaiSpa SPA-salon. We sincerely recommend that you put your phone on silent mode so that nothing distracts you during the ceremony. Enjoy the atmosphere of languid bliss, music, birdsong. We value each Guest very much and strive to provide you with the maximum level of comfort