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neck Massage

Health, beauty, pleasure!

Thai stone ceremony

the Ceremony with the use of hot stones.

Royal Thai ceremony, 4 hands

a Great alternative to playing in the hall

Nuad Thao - Thai traditional foot-ceremony

warm up and light influence on foot

Royal Thai ceremony (herbal bags)

Maximum speed and a powerful burst of energy

Nuad Nam Mun - Thai traditional Oil-ceremony

Relieves tension and eliminates muscle pain.

Royal Oil-the ceremony with the use of aromatherapy oils in 4 hands

Soothing and restorative action on the nervous system

Slim Thai ceremony

Activates metabolic processes in tissues.

Thai ceremony Antistress

Normalizes blood pressure and will return to healthy sleep

Spa ceremony on the facial "Glow of youth"

Spa-facial massage against tiredness and wrinkles

Spa-ceremony "the Secret of Thailand"

Spa massage of the head and face.

Thai ceremony "Healthy baby"

the Ceremony is performed with the use of aromatic oils.

Wellness programs

Spa-program "Coconut delight"

Long-lasting moisture and improve skin elasticity

Spa-program "infinite Charm of youth, Yin"

You will feel full of strength and energy

Spa-detox-program "Morning freshness"

the Scent of coconut will transport you to the tropics

Modeling Slim-program "the Perfect silhouette"

Accelerate the flow of new nutrients and oxygen into the cells

Spa-program "Watermelon breeze"

Luxury scented scrub and butter based on natural pulp of watermelon

Spa-program for men the "mysterious East"

For men the "mysterious East" and gives you the energy for a month

Spa-program for two "love Story"

a Story of love for two

Spa-program for two girlfriends, "the Elixir of youth and beauty"

the Elixir of youth and beauty only in RoyalThaiSpa

Spa programme for feet "Thai Relax"

Feel the rush of energy